Intelligent storage solutions carefully crafted by hand, precisely measured to fit your space.

Unorganised wardrobes conjure up negative feelings. The stress of not being able to find the perfect outfit that you are looking for, the feeling of despair as you find clothes untidy and crumpled at the bottom which you’d only ironed a few days earlier. It sets the wrong tone for the day, every day!

You’ve seen all the movies where people have these pristine, beautifully organised wardrobes. What’s stopping you from enjoying one yourself?

At Swaans, I take time to categorise your wardrobe needs and then design components to ‘house’ them. All designed to fit the space available and the style you visualise.

Rather than dealing with salespeople that will sell you a standard concept, you are dealing with myself, Geert Swaans throughout the whole journey from the initial site visit and design stage through to the final construction. Inside and out, it is all handcrafted from scratch in our Laurencekirk Workshop and then installed onsite in your home.


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How it Works


Consultation & Site Visit

Discuss your ideas, aspirations and take measurements.


Design & Material Selection

Creation of computerised designs, providing a selection of sample materials.



Agree design and finishings. Materials are ordered at this stage.


Build & Install

Construction starts within our workshop, followed by installation in your home.

Why Choose Swaans?

Our unique design and handcrafted manufacturing process set us apart from the high street suppliers...

  • Individual wardrobe designed to your needs
  • Hand selected handles and accessories
  • Additional design features such as automatic lighting, handcrafted wooden doors
  • One dedicated point of contact throughout your design and installation process.



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