Exclusive furnishings, made from a combination of raw, natural materials

Are you fed up of mass produced, sub standard products that aren’t exactly what you imagined? Why settle for what you can get on the high street? Your home can become so much more with custom made interiors.

Over the years, convenience has driven both construction companies and homeowners to select mainstream, factory-made products as an easy fix. These selections often meet their purpose but there are often compromises to make along the way; leaving you unfulfilled with the final result and still on the look out for alternatives.


As a craftsman, it is Geert's passion and pleasure to be commissioned by his clients to design unique interiors, treating each of their projects as if it were a work of art.

From the initial designs, through to material composition and manufacture of the product, each element is individually considered so that its functionality and aesthetic appeal is optimised.

Simple, yet sophisticated.

Whether you have an older property with distinguished features that you’d like to embrace or a newer one that you want to modify to suit your own tastes, we would love to hear you ideas and explore how we can transform them into reality.

About Geert Swaans

Growing up in Oss in Holland, Geert studied Horticulture at university – specialising in greenhouse construction – exploring how different building structures and materials could be used in order to promote plant growth. He gained hands-on experience with an internship in America where he was involved in constructing the world’s highest commercial greenhouse.


Upon finishing his degree, Geert realised (like many other students out there) that the world was not waiting for him. Not one for sitting around though, Geert started work on his parent’s house, as they looked to convert their attic with the support of a trained joiner.

Not long after completion a friend of the family came to stay and recognised Geert’s talents, and offered him work in Canada building homes from scratch – and when we say scratch, we mean pallets of wood!

Heading back to Holland after the project, Geert started work on another passion of his which is constructing kit cars. Obtaining the moulds for the Alphax Firefly, he loved the problem solving challenges each build threw up, for example how to add extra support braces without it ruining the visual aesthetics of the car.

Moving to Scotland in 2008 Geert married his wife Ruth, and started up Swaans Crafted Interiors.

Geert’s unique approach and adaptability to design and construction projects comes from his diverse range of experience. His passion comes from taking raw natural materials and transforming them into stylish and practical furnishings.

Geert, now a family man, loves to stay busy, so if he’s not spending time with his wife and kids you’ll find him in his workshop tinkering with something or enjoying the great outdoors.

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